Lisa and Amy Are Black

I’m so late but there’s this new but not so new webseries that I’m in love with. Lisa and Amy Are Black, starring Lisa Mcquillan and Amy Aniobi, showcases the quirky hilariousness of the Black millennial experience, in terms of identity, cultural affiliations, allegiances, and racial perspectives. I especially enjoyed the laugh out loud “debate” Read more about Lisa and Amy Are Black[…]

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

  Writers Joe Talbot and Jimmie Fails will receive over $70,000 in funding from their Kickstarter Campaign to make The Last Black Man in San Francisco a full length film. The film will focus on the perils of gentrification that is now being experienced across the country, but specifically in San Francisco. The way things are going with Read more about The Last Black Man in San Francisco[…]

Employers Hire Based on “Cultural Fit” Segregation 2.0

  View image |   New York Times article by Lauren A. Rivera, Guess Who Doesn’t Fit In At Work, highlighted a troubling trend in hiring practices. According to Rivera’s research, most employers select applicants based on “who they want to hang out with.” It’s called assessing an applicant’s “cultural fit,” i.e. segregation 2.0/you can’t sit Read more about Employers Hire Based on “Cultural Fit” Segregation 2.0[…]

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