Lisa and Amy Are Black

I’m so late but there’s this new but not so new webseries that I’m in love with. Lisa and Amy Are Black, starring Lisa Mcquillan and Amy Aniobi, showcases the quirky hilariousness of the Black millennial experience, in terms of identity, cultural affiliations, allegiances, and racial perspectives. I especially enjoyed the laugh out loud “debate” about who is considered African American (Black Americans, African Immigrants, etc). Please watch them! They are too hilarious.

I’ll be sure to watch all of their episodes over and over again.

My favorite part of the 1st episode:

Lisa: If you had to choose an American Express Black Card or a Black Card like your membership to the people, which would you choose?

Amy: If I had to choose?

-Long agonizing pause-

Amy: Would the American Express Black Card come prepaid? Like I don’t have to pay every year for it?

Lisa: Oh you’re Black. Yeah, no that’s not how they work.

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1 thought on “Lisa and Amy Are Black

  • It has potential. I like the perspective of it. Wish them luck and hope it grows more and get a spot on HBO just like Lisa Ray (might misspell Ray, but you know who(The Awkward Black Woman show))

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