Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor
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Hey, I’m J.A.M. Aiwuyor.

Author. Creative. Cultural Storyteller.


Here’s a little bit of my bio below:

Founder & Publisher

I’m the founder of Our Legaci Press, an independent Black owned publishing company with an in-house PR firm that shares stories from across the Pan African World.

Over 2 million readers worldwide.

My writings about African American cultural heritage and ethnicity have been published and cited across a wide range of publications including Huffington Post, the Business Insider, MSNBC, LA Progressive and TV One's "News One Now." My blog,, has reached over 2 million readers worldwide.

Masters x 2 + Experience = Unique Expertise

With a Master of Science in Public Relations and a Master of Arts in Pan African Studies, I have the tenacious ability to reimagine, build and publicize initiatives needed within marginalized communities.

Additionally, I combine my unique expertise and creative prowess to launch programs and institutions dedicated to social change and empowerment through storytelling.

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Recent Articles

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- Steve Harvey

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Black Homeowners Lost $156 Billion Due to Discrimination

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On Fairfax and Northam: How Justice Was Weaponized to Excuse Racism

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