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Interviewed by RFI March 2018, JAM et son site sur la culture noire américaine (série d'été)

Featured on Great Day Washington September 24, 2017 Award winning authors Demetria Lucas D’Oyley, Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, and James McMillian of Gotham Esq. spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. They stopped by Great Day Washington to explain how to expand your influence online.

Quoted in Think Progress September 2016 – A teacher wore a dress and now the internet is freaking out

Featured on Black Enterprise April 2015 – Millennial Seeks To Boost Local Economy Through Blogging

Featured on Huffington Post’s “28 Black Lives That Matter” Series February 2015 – “Jerome Murdough, He Too is America.”

Interviewed by Sputnik News December 2014 – Ferguson protestors call out systematic racism in US society: Experts

Interviewed by Atlanta Black Star December 2014 – Fetishism of Black Women in Mainstream Culture Continues to Rage, Helped Along by Celebrities

Interviewed by MSNBC November 2014 – Piers Morgan has an opinion about the N word

Featured on Huffington Post September 2014 – “All My Life I Had To Fight”

TV Panelist September 2014 – TVOne’s News One Now with Roland Martin

TV Panelist/Podcast Version September 2014 – Black America Web News One Now with Roland Martin

Featured on Everyday Feminism August 2014 – “6 Ways My Grandmother Taught Me to Be a Feminist Without Knowing It”

Featured on Huffington Post June 2014 – “Kara Walker’s Sphinx Is A Missed Opportunity”

Featured on LA Progressive January 2014 – “Glamming Up Slavery: Ani DiFranco’s Plantation Paradise”

TV Panelist December 2013 – TVOne’s News One Now with Roland Martin

Featured guest December 2013 – Spikefish Radio/ WE ACT Radio

Featured on Huffington Post December 2013 – “Please Excuse Davontaye, He Suffers From Povertenza”

Cited on Policy Mic – This Kid Killed 4 People in a Drunk Driving Crash. Here’s How He Dodged 20 Years in Prison.

Cited on The Michigan Daily December 2013 – “Kanye’s Franz Fanon Complex”

Featured on The Tavis Smiley Network November 2013 – Round Table With Stephanie Robertson Panelist “Skin Deep: Defining Beauty”

Featured on the Syracuse Post Standard July 2013 – “On Trayvon Martin: Debunking Prof. Laurence Thomas’ Black-On-Black Crime”

Keynote Speaker November 2012 – The Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s “Women Hold Up Half The Sky” Series (Fox 19)

Cited on The Business Insider August 2012 – “Stop Apologizing For Being Black: Natural Hair In The Work Place”

Cited on The Grindstone July 2012 – “Stop Apologizing For Being Black: Natural Hair In The Work Place”

Featured on Pambazuka News September 2011 – “Making The Case For Digital Activism”